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Dynamic IP

nocaptchaWhen you work massive data extraction from any web site, such as the yellow pages or any other directory, to make sure your IP address is detected as "suspicious" you need to use an IP dynamic. This not only protects your IP but prevents the annoying "captcha" when data is extracted or your IP is restricted and locked for a certain period of time. To have a dynamic IP that changes to An example automatically every 5 to 10 minutes, the best solution is given by any VPN program. There are many types of VPN programs available on the network, some of which are also free of charge - do a search on the web and you will find many solutions to choose from.

Once you have configured the software you will be able to reopen the Yellow Pages Spider and start searching again In addition to using a VPN software we also recommend setting up (From the first page of the results) below the display of 50 results per page and not just 20, this will help extrapolate more data for each search. Once a data search and extraction is completed, you must restart both the browser and the Yellow Pages Spider software, so that the cache and session are reset.