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Social Email Extractor is a new program designed to extracts email from Facebook Profiles page. This powerful “Facebook email extractor” is able to capture all “public” email from facebook pages so it is 100% legal to use. You can search by any category or keyword like personal trainer, restaurants, coffee-clubs, and hotels and in any location, city, state or country. You can use zip codes or add a location to get more specific results. Here are the simple steps to follow to start capturing email addresses (of companies and individuals) from Facebook.

Firstly download and install Social Email Extractor on your WINDOWS PC:


Step 1. Install the software on your computer. Run it and you’ll see this window:

Step 2. Add keywords and other search parameters

From the home of the program you have to fill in the following fields:

> The first field is that of the Keyword or Category (eg search for “Consultants” or “Sport” or “Cinema” or “Fashion blogger” and so on).
> The second field (optional) is the LOCATION (for example, you can enter a city or region)
> The third field is the social network to scrape (here you have to select FACEBOOK as shown in the figure below). This scraper is able to capture data also from Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.
> The last field is the search engine (Bing, Google or Yahoo) to use to search all Facebook profiles from which you can extract public email addresses.

After filling in all the fields you have to click on SUBMIT

Step 3. Get email addresses from Facebook

After clicked on SUBMIT you will see the search results in BING (or Google or Yahoo). Now, to start the capture all email addresses from Facebook profiles, simply click on GET DATA button as shown in the following image:

Step 4. Save email addresses

The program will automatically extract the email address from the facebook pages. The percentage of email addresses is very high and they are all 100% valid emails like, and

Once finished you can click EXPORT to save all emails in a CSV or EXCEL file. By default the CSV format is set but you can change it by accessing SETTINGS:


Note: With the demo version the program will only extrapolate the first 35 results. In addition, the Export function is disabled.

If you like the demo version of the program, you can request the full version clicking on the BUY NOW in the program. You will receive a 1 Year license for the FULL version (you can extract unlimited emails during the year)


If you want to extract also phone numbers and whatsapp numbers from Facebook, try Social Phone Extractor.

Social Email Extractor is a new and powerful software designed to scan the LINKEDIN pages in search of the email addresses of all linkedin members. Linkedin is certainly the most important and popular professional Social Network in the world, which is why it includes data from many companies and over time its database becomes even more solid and valuable.

Social Email Extractor is able to search and scrape email address from all popular social network like: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

This Linkedin Email Extractor is really simple to use, just enter some keywords, perform the search and finally start extracting the information. In order to search and capture data and email addresses here are some filters you can apply: country, city, job title, company name, and any other keywords.

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide that will show you how to extract email from Linkedin with this “Linkedin Scraper”.

First download and install Social Email Extractor on your WINDOWS PC


STEP 1. Run Linkedin Email Extractor

Download and install the software Social Email Extractor on your PC. Then run it and you will see this home:

STEP 2. Enter Keywords

Enter the keywords:
> The first field is that of the JOB TITLE (eg search for “Consultants” or “IT Manager” or “Marketing Manager” and so on).
> The second field (optional) is the LOCATION (for example, you can enter a city or region)
> The third field is the COUNTRY  (Italy, Germany, France, USA, UK….): you can search for linkedin members from ALL OVER THE WORLD!
> The fourth field is the search engine (Bing, Google or Yahoo) to use to search all Linkedin profiles from which you want to get email addresses.
> The last filed is the “email address type“: you can search for “private” email with domain or “business” email.

After entering the parameters click on SUBMIT


After you click on SUBMIT you will see the search results in BING. Now, to start the capture of all data of employees / professionals and linkedin members, simply click on GET DATA button as shown in the following screenshot:

STEP 4. Extract email addresses

The program will automatically extract the info of linkedin members with relative JOB TITLE and email address (if this has been published by the user). The percentage of email addresses is very high and they are all 100% valid emails like, and

At the end of the capture you can select all the results (clicking on SELECT ALL) and click EXPORT to save everything in a CSV or EXCEL file. By default the CSV format is set but you can change it by accessing SETTINGS:


Note: With the demo version the program will only extrapolate the first 35 results. In addition, the Export function is disabled.

If you like the demo version of the program, you can request the full version clicking on the BUY NOW button below. You will receive a 1 Year license for the FULL version (you can extract unlimited emails during the year)


If you want to extract also phone numbers and whatsapp numbers from Linkedin, try Social Phone Extractor.

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If you have a very interesting product or service that you would like to promote and make known to all American, English, Canadian or foreign companies or only those of your product sector, then what you need is a list with the email addresses or phone numbers of these companies. But how to collect email addresses and telephone numbers of american companies? Are there any databases ready to buy or are there other ways to recover them?

The answer to this question is given by Yellow Leads Extractor. It is an innovative program designed to gather information from American, English, Canadian companies (and others) directly from the yellow pages lists. Unlike ready-made databases that are sold on the Internet, and often contain incorrect or obsolete information, Yellow Leads Extractor allows you to capture data in real time and therefore ensures a high percentage of useful and correct information.

Among the information that can be captured with this program there are also email addresses and phone numbers, so you can then do both email marketing action and teleselling actions

How to Collect Email and Telephone Numbers of American/English/Canadian Companies

With Yellow Leads Extractor it is really easy to start collecting email addresses and telephone numbers of american, english or foreign companies. The main steps to follow are the following.

Step 1. Download, install and open the program on your Windows PC


Step 2. From the initial screen click on the source of yellow pages from which you want to retrieve the information. To find data from american (USA) companies you will have to click on the source But you can also select (english UK companies), (Canadian companies), and so on…

Step 3. Once the site is open, you can set the search (inserting company category and city)

Step 4. Once the search results appear click on GET DATA

Step 5. Export Data

With the demo version of the program you will be able to see the first 35 results. By purchasing the license you can remove this limit and extract all the data on the site. This data can be extracted into an Excel or CSV file. In every row of this file you will have all the details of the company: name, city, address, telephone, fax, email address, website, etc ….

YPspider makes the information and products available to you on this website, subject to the following terms and conditions. By accessing this website you agree to these terms and conditions. YPspider reserves the right to seek all remedies in law and in equity for any violation of these terms and conditions.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

There are inherent dangers in the use of any Software available for downloading on the Internet, and YPspider Software hereby admonishes you to make sure that you completely understand all of the risks before downloading any of the Software (including without limitation, the potential infection of your system by computer viruses and loss of data). You are solely responsible for adequate protection and backup of the data and equipment used in connection with any of the Software.


You agree to defend, indemnify and hold YPspider, its affiliates and their officers, directors, agents and employees harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from or related to your user content, use of the Site, or violation of any of these Terms.


Any comments or materials sent to YPspider Software, including without limitation feedback, such as questions, comments, suggestions or any related information regarding the Software, this website or any other products, programs or services of YPspider Software (“Feedback”), shall be deemed to be non-confidential. YPspider Software shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such Feedback and shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, exhibit, display, transform, create derivative works and distribute the Feedback to others without limitation and shall be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such Feedback for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing and marketing products incorporating such Feedback.


Any authorized reproductions of any of the information contained herein must include copyright notices, trademarks or other proprietary legends of YPspider Software, on any copy of the materials made by you. The license for the Software and use of this website is governed by the laws of Italy and the laws of your country.


Copyright in this website (including without limitation, text, graphics, logos, sounds and software) is owned and licensed by Globosoft srl. All materials contained on this site are protected by Italian and international copyright law and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published adapted, or dealt with in any form or by any means or in any media without the prior written permission of Globosoft srl. You may not alter or remove any copyright or other notice from copies of the content.


YPspider is a trademark of Globosoft srl and legally protected by law.


All our software are called “scraper”: programs able to scan web pages and capture the desired information from different directories (“Sources”). These software are designed to provide a support, HELP, in the search and consultation of various sources (eg yellow pages, yelp, etc. ..), in order to find more easily and quickly the information you want.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These software are NOT designed to download ALL data from various sources with a click and in a short time. This would not be legal nor feasible because it goes against the “terms of use” of the various sources (eg yellow pages or yelp). The program must be used in a RESPONSIBLE way to carry out precise and targeted searches and extractions.

The program respects all LIMITS imposed by the servers of the various sources and in no way tries to bypass them. Usually the limit imposed by the sources (eg Yelp, Yellow Pages) is a maximum of 1000 or 2000 results for each search performed. The user is solely responsible for any improper use of the software and/or for any ban of its IP address.

We will not accept requests for support and refund requests arising from improper or unauthorized use of the program and/or for purposes intended to download amounts of data exceeding the limits imposed by the Sources.

Regarding the data (“Content”) obtained with the software it is good to note that:
1. You may only use or reproduce the Content for your own personal and non-commercial use
2. You may not mirror any material obtained with this software on other sites.


YPspider offers a free trial version, so customers can ‘test-drive’ before deciding to purchase. It’s because of this ‘try-before-you-buy’ system that we provides a 30-day Money Back Guarantee but refunds will be approved  only under the accepted circumstances below:

Circumstances of No Refund
– YPspider does not refund software if products fail to meet customer’s needs due to a lack of understanding by the customer, of the products functions and capabilities.
– Product price differences between different regions
– A customer has a ‘change of mind’ after purchase
– A refund request due to technical trouble, with the customer refusing to cooperate with the support team in attempts at troubleshooting by declining to provide detailed descriptions and information regarding the problem, or refusing to try to apply the solutions provided by the support team.

Accepted Circumstances
YPspider offers refunds for the following circumstances within the guidelines of its Money Back Guarantee.
– Purchase of a ‘wrong product’. In this case, we will assist you in purchasing the correct product from our website.
– Purchase of the same product twice. In this case, YPspider will refund one of the products for you, or swap one program for another YPspider product
– Software purchased has terminal technical problems, and no solution has been provided within 30 days.

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license will be deactivated

The reason to build your email list is to maximize your company revenue. If you offer products or services for companies or industry professionals you may need some email lists for B2B Marketing. B2B stands for Business to Business and the B2B Marketing is the set of all those actions that allow you to establish a contact between two companies in order to gain benefits in terms of revenues.

A high-quality email list for B2B marketing can increase your company’s overall valuation so it’s very important to find the best way to create these email lists. A simple and secure way to do that is to use a Business Directory Scraper like Yellow Leads Extractor. As the name suggests, it is a software able to scan the “yellow pages websites” of different countries (USA, Canada, French, German, Italy, Spain, etc…) to extract all info like email addresses, business name, phone, and so on.

How to use Yellow Leads Extractor to build your Email Lists for B2B Marketing?

Step 1. Download, install and launch the software


Step 2. Select the website (yellow pages website) to scan

Step 3. Enter the keyword for the search (business category and location). Start the search and wait that the first page with results will appear.

Step 4. Click on GET DATA

Step 5. Export data clicking on EXPORT button

With the full version of the program, you can export data to an Excel or CSV file. In this file you will also find a column with the email addresses so you can immediately start doing your B2B Email Marketing !

nocaptchaWhen you work massive data extraction from any web site, such as the yellow pages or any other directory, to make sure your IP address is detected as “suspicious” you need to use an IP dynamic. This not only protects your IP but prevents the annoying “captcha” when data is extracted or your IP is restricted and locked for a certain period of time. To have a dynamic IP that changes to An example automatically every 5 to 10 minutes, the best solution is given by any VPN program. There are many types of VPN programs available on the network, some of which are also free of charge – do a search on the web and you will find many solutions to choose from.

Once you have configured the software you will be able to reopen the Yellow Pages Spider and start searching again In addition to using a VPN software we also recommend setting up (From the first page of the results) below the display of 50 results per page and not just 20, this will help extrapolate more data for each search. Once a data search and extraction is completed, you must restart both the browser and the Yellow Pages Spider software, so that the cache and session are reset.

commercialistiYellow Leads Extractor (Yellow Pages Spider) is a tool designed to capture all the email addresses that you need. If you need up to date Accountants, Lawyers and Surveyors email addresses, then you will find them on Databases. With our software Yellow Pages Spider you will be able to create lists updated for accuracy about Accountants, Lawyers, Surveyors and other professionals such as engineers, accountants, architects, etc ….

The software extract detailed list with various informations: primary email address, city, street, zip code, company name, phone, fax number, website, etx… You will be able to get the contact information for thousands of Accountants, Lawyers, Surveyors across England or USA and you will be able to do so with the peace of mind knowing you have accurate information. You will be able to search for accountants, lawyers and surveyors emails on different regions: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas

How to create this mailing list? Try now Yellow Pages Spider!

Download and try it now for free!

Main screenshot:

How to use Yellow Pages Spider to extract email addresses of Accountants, Lawyers and Surveyors?

Please see this step-by-step tutorial: