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Twitter Instagram Email Extractor

Social Email Extractor est un nouveau programme conçu pour extraire les e-mails de la page des profils Twitter et Instagram. Ce puissant «extracteur d'e-mails Instagram et Twitter» est capable de capturer tous les e-mails «publics» du réseau social (facebook et linkedin inclus). Vous pouvez effectuer une recherche par catégorie ou mot-clé comme entraîneur personnel, restaurants, blogueurs de mode ou hôtels et dans n'importe quel endroit, ville, état ou pays. Le programme obtiendra automatiquement toutes les adresses e-mail (des entreprises et / ou des particuliers) des profils Instagram et Twitter.

Tout d'abord, téléchargez et installez Social Email Extractor sur votre PC WINDOWS:


Step 1. Install the software on your computer. Run it and you’ll see this window:

Step 2. Add keywords and other search parameters

From the main screen of the program you have to fill in the following fields:

> The first field is that of the Keyword or Category (eg search for “Sport” or “Cinema” or “Fashion blogger” and so on).
> The second field (optional) is the LOCATION (for example, you can enter a city or region)
> The third field is the social network to scrape (here you have to select TWITTER or INSTAGRAM as shown in the figure below). This scraper is able to capture data also from Linkedin and Facebook.
> The fourth field is the search engine (Bing, Google or Yahoo) to use to search all Twitter and Instagram profiles from which you can extract public email addresses.
> The last filed is the “email address type“: you can search for “private” email with domain or “business” email.

After filling in all the fields you have to click on SUBMIT

Step 3. Get email addresses from Instagram and Twitter

After clicked on SUBMIT you will see the search results in BING (or Google or Yahoo). Now, to start the capture all email addresses from Twitter/Instagram profiles, simply click on GET DATA button as shown in the following image:

Step 4. Save email addresses

The program will automatically extract the email address from the twitter/instagram pages. The percentage of email addresses is very high and they are all 100% valid emails like, and

Once finished you can click EXPORT to save all emails in a CSV or EXCEL file. By default the CSV format is set but you can change it by accessing SETTINGS:


Note: With the demo version the program will only extrapolate the first 35 results. In addition, the Export function is disabled.

If you like the demo version of the program, you can request the full version clicking on the BUY NOW in the program. You will receive a 1 Year license for the FULL version (you can extract unlimited emails during the year)

If you want to extract also phone numbers and whatsapp numbers from Twitter or Instagram, try Social Phone Extractor.